Cheltenham Vehicle Inspections the Insurance Repair Specialists

At Cheltenham Vehicle Inspections, we’ve been providing Cheltenham and surrounding areas with quality mechanical accident repairs for over 20 years. We offer a specialised high end referral only mechanical repair service to our clients. All of our clients need to be referred to us by an insurance company, as we don't do off the street work due to the specialised service that we do.

Our team of qualified, friendly mechanics offer all aspects of after accident mechanical repair, including fault diagnosis, suspension repairs, steering replacements, chassis repairs, wheel alignments, drive train repairs, engine repairs, air bags, genuine part replacement and back to manufacturer specification repairs.

We use the latest technology to carry out our repairs to ensure that you receive your car back on time and to your satisfaction. We care about you and your car and no quality in repair is sacrificed when getting it back on the road.

Suspension repairs

Your vehicle suspension's main role is to give the maximum opportunity for all four tyres to remain in contact with the road, so that when needed, your braking, steering and driving systems are safe, effective and responsive when you need them most. At CVI our experts will do everything to get your suspension back to new after being an accident.

Engine repairs

Cheltenham Vehicle Inspections will pull apart, re-build and repair your engine after any incident. Our highly trained mechanics know how to get your vehicles motor running like new again and you can trust that once you get it back you will be highly satisfied with how it runs.

Airbag Replacement

Did your airbags get released during your accident? No problems, the team at CVI are able to replace the airbags and reset them for all makes and models.

Stolen & Recovered

Was your vehicle stolen? Did it get damaged during the theft? Cheltenham Vehicle Inspections can work on any case involving stolen and recovered vehicles once the claim is put through your insurance company just let them know you would like CVI to take care of it and we will do the rest.

Water Damage

The highly experienced team to Cheltenham Vehicle Inspections can repair any case of water damage from mild flooding to being completely submerged. just remember to let your insurance company know that you would like CVI to repair your vehicle and we will replace and repair anything that the water has gotten to.

Diagnostic Services

At Cheltenham Vehicle Inspections we have the latest state of the art diagnostic equipment to troubleshoot and diagnose what is wrong with your vehicle. the experiecned team will take out all the guess work making sure that when you get your vehicle back, it is running as good as new.